Please use clean incenseBrandstory

Listen to the smell of Buddha's song

We use the Buddha song to raise incense, to make incense more spiritual, for the Buddha to be more religious.

Jin wang came to be pious and clean

Jin wang insisted on making only clean incense.

The origin of Jin Wanglai

In southeast Asia and Taiwan, has always been the "swan" fruit (in mainland China called "pineapple") as the first "mascot" can bring good luck, whether firm, shop or at home, be sure to put "swan" to "popular", "prosperous wealth". It is believed that this will bring good luck. It is based on the idea that the "wang lai" fruit is named "jin wang lai", which means that it can bring good fortune to the vast majority of consumers. We use "to be good to the good, let every customer to be integrated into jin wang, to become a member of jin wang" as a fragrance company concept.

Clean Factory

Our goal is to make clean incense with heart and soul, so it is essential to keep our factory clean.

Pure Mind

The employees of the production department will read the students' rules before going to work every morning, which is strictly required by the company.

Raw material clean


To ensure


Raw material clean

We enter into a long-term procurement agreement with the shannon of the country of origin to ensure that the raw materials are stable and mellow.

Sweet work nine type

Traditional incense making process ensures the natural flavor without any harmful chemicals.