Time is the sweetest incense fBrandstory

Nature of Buddhist songs

More spiritual and pious incense for the nurture of Buddhist songs

The century-old Buddha art has passed from generation to generation

With a clean heart, make a clean scent

The origin of Daily Zeng

Daily Zeng is a product of a hundred years’ efforts. At the end of 20th century, Zeng Family in Huian of Fujian province became world-renowned for their exquisite carving techniques shown in the statues of the Buddha that they made from eaglewood. For more than a hundred years, Zeng family has devoted themselves to exploring the craft of making incense from eaglewood. So far, the spirit and craft have been passed down to its fourth generation. Though there is a variety of incense now, Zeng family still sticks to the traditional process of cellaring that they inherit from their ancestors. It is their consistent pursuit of original scent that guarantees the quality of Daily Zeng.

Hoard Process

Adhere to the cellar process, with the heart of the craftsman.

Time is the sweetest incense for one’s heart

All things in the passage of time into a bad space, learned to be easy, learned to wait, to appreciate the precipitation, encounter the wisdom.

In one hundred, passing on


To ensure


In one hundred, passing on

Carving from the aloes of the ancestors, to the sincere fragrance. Great wisdom precipitates hundreds of years, with clean heart, make clean incense. From the world's top producing region, Vietnam, India and other imported raw materials, adhere to the cellaring process, with the heart of craftsmanship, waiting for life, temperature and time of natural harmony, to make each of the incense sticks. Incense burning, in the flavor of the quiet understanding of life.

Sweet college

The college of great wisdom is a workshop for the purpose of studying Chinese culture. The class, with the aim of "the art of art, with the art of daoism", disseminates the culture and skills training of xiangdao. It is also commissioned by the national vocational skills appraisal institute and the entrepreneurship employment training center, and carries on the training of xiangtao interest class and the vocational training of the national CETTIC.